Our Mission

To stimulate the growth of visual, literary and performing arts;

To enhance the community through art in public places;

To preserve the historic legacy of Monroe.


Art Enhances Life

Theater, music, dance, painting, sculpture and literature give expression to our joy, sorrow, hope and fear. They reveal the human condition in all its complexity. The arts, in all their many vibrant forms, impart universal understanding among people, cultures, and nations, thereby enhancing the quality of life experiences.

Building Community Together through Art

People from diverse cultural backgrounds are making the Monroe area their home. Monroe’s small-town atmosphere, proximity to Seattle, and surrounding natural beauty are just some of the area’s many attractive features.  Recent and future growth makes the need even greater for enhanced visual, literary and performing arts, as art helps to create community by drawing people together. It is a ripe time in Monroe’s development for expanding the arts, including summer picnic concerts and film in our local parks, commissioning public sculpture and art murals, and bringing children’s concerts and live theater to our community.